6 ICE Officers Ambush Man Outside SC County Courthouse

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Sanctuary has received a report that 6 ICE officers picked up a man as he was leaving the courthouse. If you have any information about the incident, please call (831) 239-4289 so Sanctuary can be in contact with the family and find out if they are safe.

This incident was witnessed yesterday, Tuesday, July 25, by Alex Calvo, Court Executive Officer, as reported by Angela Chesnut, a senior analyst for Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors Chairperson John Leopold. Apparently, the person disappeared by ICE yesterday was an undocumented immigrant who had just emerged from the court building after a court appearance of some kind. It seems ICE was waiting for him outside because, in keeping with Santa Cruz County’s Sanctuary policy, Calvo will not allow ICE agents access into the court buildings to arrest people.

It would be helpful for citizens to demand that County Sheriff’s deputies should proactively confront ICE agents setting up ambushes like this at public buildings. We absolutely don’t have to accept this, and our Sheriff has the power to intervene, but he needs to be moved by the will of the People.

Please submit a comment at the Sheriff’s Office website, or call the Office at (831) 454-7600 to urge Sheriff John Hart to do more to protect our undocumented neighbors and friends!

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