BREAKING: First protected DREAMer is deported under Trump

As a DACA enrollee, Manuel Montes thought he was safe from deportation. Then a border patrol agent approached him on the street and started asking questions. 3 hours later, he was in Mexico.

The current regime has promised repeatedly that young people like Manuel Montes, 23, will not be targeted for deportation. Young people under the protection of the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program “shouldn’t be worried” Trump told ABC News, “I do have a big heart.”
That’s why Manuel doesn’t understand why, 3 hours after being stopped for questioning by a Customs and Border Protection officer on February 17, he was back in Mexico.
Despite the promises of the current administration, ICE has been targeting DACA enrollees since Trump took office- 10 are currently in immigration detention. And now, USA Today reports that Montes is the first documented case of a DACA enrollee actually being deported.

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