Sanctuary SC Nominated for Scott Kennedy “Drawing the Line” Award from Resource Center for Nonviolence

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The Resource Center for Nonviolence (RCNV) will grant the Scott Kennedy Drawing the Line Award at the RCNV Annual Dinner, October 13, 2017 from 5 to 9 pm, at Peace United Church of Christ, 900 High Street, Santa Cruz. Sanctuary Santa Cruz is honored to be among the other nominees for this year’s award.

Sanctuary Santa Cruz is being recognized for organizing community support for our immigrant neighbors threatened with deportation. Sanctuary Santa Cruz was formed by and for the whole Santa Cruz community to support those neighbors, friends and fellow workers who face discrimination and harassment.

Past recipients of RCNV’s Scott Kennedy Drawing the Line Award have included the Day Worker Center, Brown Berets, Beach Flats Community Garden, Freedom Sleepers, Peace United Church of Christ and its 2015 BDS conference, and war resisters.

The Drawing the Line Award was initiated in the 1980’s by RCNV’s co-founder Scott Kennedy to celebrate nonviolent action in the face of social coercions and laws that ask us to violate our deepest values and spirit. The anarchist philosopher Paul Goodman called these “free actions, actions from our deepest nature.”

Paul Goodman wrote his essay, Reflections on Drawing the Line, to call attention to moments in our lives when we resist “self-betrayal on some concrete issue, that inwardly one knows to be crucial, that unless resisted would break the spirit and destroy integrity.” Goodman observed, “Our organized style of society has yearly become more relentless, and young people need more encouragement to resist it. We must, in small groups, draw the line and try action more directly satisfactory to our deep nature.”

For tickets to the Awards Dinner, contact the Resource Center for Nonviolence.

RCNV: Office phone: 831-423-1626. Cell phone: 831-251-4833.

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