Help Make California a Sanctuary State: Urge the CA Assembly to pass SB54, the California Values Act

We have an important opportunity here to make our entire state a sanctuary! Let’s do everything we can do ensure Senate Bill 54, the California Values Act, passes through the California Assembly. 

It has already passed the State Senate, but the Assembly is expected to be a bit tougher of a win for us. 

Click here to download a document that includes the names and phone numbers of the most important assemblymembers to target for our lobbying efforts. This doc also includes a simple call script you may use and expand on if you like. 

Lastly it has simple links to tweet your support for SB54 at these assemblymembers. 

This amazing doc was put together by the ICE Out of CA Coalition. 

Please take the time to make these calls and help ensure SB54 passes!

Click here for a summary of the bill

Click here for the full text of the bill

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