Humanitarian Crisis at the Border: What to Know & What to Do

Keeping families together by keeping them in jail is not the answer to the humanitarian crisis at our border.

Trump’s  new executive order on the family separation policy:

  1.  Doesn’t re-unite families already separated.
  2.  Seeks indefinite detention of refugee families, by ordering the Attorney General to challenge the Flores settlement.
  3. Sets up family detention at military bases.


Alternatives to Family Detention

More humane alternatives to detention exist. The Family Case Management Program, which the Trump administration terminated last year, had a compliance rate of 99.6% with immigration requirements such as court hearings.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement Must Not Be Used As an Arm of Law Enforcement

The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), ICE, and CBP began cooperating more closely in May 2108 under a new Memorandum of Agreement. ORR can  now share information gained by social workers and health care providers with ICE, and this information can be used against children in court.

Under this new agreement, a slow motion family separation crisis will continue.  The new agreement also increases the likelihood that ICE will deport undocumented relatives of children in detention if they step forward as sponsors. In vetting sponsors, the best interests of the child should take precedence over immigration enforcement.

What you can do:





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