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Join your Neighbors in this annual holiday tradition from Mexico


Join us in the nightly processions of Las Posadas. We gather each night for a procession, re-enacting the search of Mary and Joseph for a lodging or “posada” in Bethlehem. At the end of the nightly procession, we reached the designated “posada” for an evening of celebration. The next night, the procession begins at the location where the last procession ended, through the 7 nights of Las Posadas until we reach the final destination. Each evening, neighbors will offer traditional Mexican and Central American snacks typical of the holidays. Music and dance will accompany us in each procession, courtesy of Aztec Dancers, Senderos, Banda de Salvadoreños, Irish Times & Grupo Folklorico de Santa Cruz.

As the number of refugees increases every day,  the tradition of Las Posadas reminds us of the many families around the globe asking for a place to survive and raise their children.


People are invited to gather by 6:30 so the procession can start by 7:00 pm.

Sunday December 16th 6:30 pm Neary Lagoon, 81 Chestnut St.

  • Venue: Nearly Lagoon Community Room, 81 Chestnut St. (This day the Posada will walk around the Neary Lagoon  apartments ending at the Community Center
  • Ceremony by Danza Azteca
  • Refreshments provided by the Neary Lagoon community
  • Contact person: Katrina Totten; 831-457-1001

Monday 17th 6:30 pm Neary Lagoon Apartments 81 Chestnut St.

  • Venue: Calvary Episcopal Church, 532 Center St. (This day the Posada will walk from Neary Lagoon to the church via Chestnut to Laurel, to Cedar)
  • Performance by Senderos
  • Refreshments provided by the church

Tuesday 18th 6:30 pm Calvary Episcopal Church, 532 Center St.

  • Venue: The Hub, 703 Pacific Ave. (This Posada will walk from Center & Cedar to Laurel to Pacific Ave)
  • Music by Banda de Salvadoreños
  • Refreshments provided by Sanctuary Santa Cruz

Wednesday 19th 6:30 pm The Hub, 703 Pacific Ave.

  • Venue: Sycamore Apartments, 125 Sycamore St. (This Posada will walk from Pacific & Spruce to Sycamore St.
  • Music by Irish Times
  • Refreshments provided by the Sycamore community

Thursday 20th 6:30 pm 125 Sycamore St.

  • Venue: Familia Center, 711 E. Cliff (This Posada will walk from Sycamore to Spruce to San Lorenzo Levy to E Cliff)
  • Performance by Senderos
  • Refreshments provided by Community Bridges

Friday 21st  6:30 pm 711 E. Cliff

  • Venue: Beach Flats Garden, 312 Raymond St. (This Posada will walk from E Cliff to San Lorenzo Levee to Raymond St)
  • Music by Banda de Salvadoreños
  • Refreshments provided by Beach Flats Gardeners

Saturday 22nd. 6:30 pm 312 Raymond St

  • Venue: Beach Flats Park, 160 Raymond St. (This Posada will walk the Beach Flats neighborhood)
  • Performance by: Grupo Folklorico Santa Cruz.
  • Refreshments provided by Nueva Vista Apartments community


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Your donations to cover the costs of hosting the Posada at Sanctuary Santa Cruz, and other expenses associated with organizing and publicizing Las Posadas, are greatly appreciated.

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