Report on ICE activity in Watsonville area, Feb. 7

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Sanctuary Santa Cruz & Your Allied Rapid Response can verify that ICE picked up a Watsonville man around 4:30am this morning, Wednesday, February 7, near Calabasas Road and Bradford Road. Sherrif Hart has confirmed that the Sherriff’s department received a “courtesy call” from ICE informing him they would be making an arrest in the area.

The man and his wife were on their way to drop their young children off at daycare when they were stopped by 5 ICE officers in 2 unmarked vehicles. According to his wife, the detained man has no criminal history. The family has been put in touch with legal and other support services. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

We have had additional reports of ICE activity in the area throughout the day. The rapid response team received report of ICE activity near Amesti School in the afternoon, but could not confirm ICE presence. Officials later confirmed that this was a false report. The rapid response team checked out another report of ICE activity on First St. in downtown Watsonville around 9am, but could not confirm that ICE had been in the vicinity.  Continue to be alert and be prepared to call the YARR hotline at 831-239-4289 if you suspect ICE activity in our community.

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