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Humanitarian Crisis at the Border: What to Know & What You Can Do

Donate to our fundraiser to help re-unite families and protect the rights of asylum seekers and recent deportees.

    Civil rights won through centuries of dedication and sacrifice by countless heroic people are now being dismantled, and our community is in danger.

    Calling on the conscience of our nation, Sanctuary Santa Cruz was formed by and for the Santa Cruz community to support those neighbors, friends and fellow-workers who face discrimination and harassment.   In particular, we unite on behalf of immigrants and refugees who are, at this time, our most vulnerable community members.

    You ARE part of Sanctuary Santa Cruz: We invite you to be involved!

    Materials for download

    These materials are available for free download. Please share, spread the word, link etc. Sanctuary Santa Cruz wants to share their materials locally and wherever helpful. 

    Window signs
    Sanctuary SC Brochure
    Know Your Rights cards